TheftStopper & The VAQ™ was founded by retired professional polygraphist, James W. Bassett. After more than 40 years as a private polygraph examiner, Bassett retired from that end of the business, as well as his investigative questionnaires, and now provides businesses with his highly effective pre-employment test, the Veracity Analysis Questionnaire™ — or VAQ™ — to replace pre-employment polygraph testing.

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As background, during the mid-1980’s Mr. Bassett began his research and ultimately developed the VAQ™ — a pencil-and-paper pre-employment honesty test that uncovers information about job applicants that background checks alone cannot. The scoring of the VAQ™ is done online.

The VAQ™ helps reduce employee turnover by helping you know an employee before you hire him or her.

In addition, Mr. Bassett has published two books, both of which are available on
Solving Employee Theft: New Insights, New Tactics was published in 2008 and helps you learn how to solve employee theft and how to prevent it from recurring.
Self Portraits of Innocence and Guilt: An Investigator’s Casebook is Bassett’s latest book, published in 2013, and is comprised of actual Crime Questionnaire™ case studies.

James Bassett is a graduate of Lafayette College and the Backster School of Lie Detection. During his years as a polygraph examiner, he was a full member of the American Polygraph Association, a charter member of the Florida Polygraph Association, as well as other professional organizations. For assistance with polygraph (lie detection) experts worldwide, visit

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